Articles by George Hedley, CSP

George Hedley is a regular columnist for several publications, newsletters and trade magazines. His column appears every month in the following magazines: ‘Construction Business Owner’,  ’Metal Construction News’, ‘Masonry’ and ‘Concrete Today’ plus several others on a regular basis. He writes articles for entrepreneurs, construction business owners, managers, leaders, distributors, franchisees, service business to business companies and associations. These articles are available for you to use and distribute to your staff and employees. Please give the author credit for his work when duplicating his work.

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George Hedley would appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your magazine, newsletter or publication. He seeks opportunities to offer advice to entrepreneurs, small business owners, construction business owners and managers. This obviously helps him create an awareness of his expertise as a professional motivational business speaker and helps sell business and construction books and speaking engagements as a certified professional speaker. He is looking for additional publications to write for on a limited or exclusive basis. He will customize previous articles for your readers or write exclusive articles for your publication’s use.

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George Hedley has written over 75 articles on business growth, entrepreneurship, leadership, managing people, marketing, sales, customer relationships, profitability, construction management, getting paid, field supervision, construction estimating, project management, and setting goals. These articles are available for reprint with George’s permission. Please review  the available articles and then request them for your use or reprint. For exclusive articles or columns, we trade our work for a small advertisement in your publication promoting George’s books or speaking business. When using George’s articles, we request you include his biography and contact information plus his photo if possible.

1. Mediocrity Is Not An Option!
Develop loyal customers who will pay more!
2. Re-View, Re-Do & Re-New!
12 Steps To Re-Vive Your Business
3. Want To Stay Busy Or Make Money?
Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone
4. The 5% Factor!
- Produce More To Make More!
105. Two Heads Are Better Than NONE!
- Take Time To Plan Your Strategy
106. The Eight Traits Of Great Companies!
- What Top Companies Do To Excel
107. Margins, Mark-Up & Making Make More Money!
How To Determine Your Overhead, Breakeven & Profit
108. Slow & Steady Wins The Race
Add More Services To Build A Steady Income
109. Win More Contracts!
How To Give Customers Reasons To Hire You
110. If You Could Start Over Again, What Would You Do Differently?
5 Things You Should Do Over To Build A Better Business
111. Generate More Customers!
Sales Strategies To Get More Customers
112. New Years Resolutions That Work!
6 Strategies To Improve Your Business
Economists Predicted the residential slow down would bottom out sometime...
2. Draft Your Business-Builder Blueprint!
What do you want your business to do for you?
3. DO or Die A Slow Death!
Only the strong will survive!
4. Boost Your Bottom-Line!
20 Business Tools to Build Bigger Profits - Part 1
5. Boost Your Bottom-Line!
20 Business Tools to Build Bigger Profits - Part 2
6. Boost Your Bottom-Line!
20 Business Tools To Build Bigger Profits - Part 3
7. Customer Focus = Bottom-Line Profit!
What's your Focus
8. Never Give Customers More Than Promised!
The old business motto to under-promise and over-deliver is a flawed concept
9. Stop Doing Their Jobs For Them!
Make tough decisions!
10. Live Life’s 6 F’s & 3 R’s!
Do you have too many things in your life?
11. Gone But Never Forgotten!
This article is dedicated to Brooks Williams
12. How Entrepreneurs Profit During Slower Times
Has the Economy Got you Down?
1. Winning Coaches Call Good Plays!
“Help! What should I do first?”
2. Make Your #1 Priority Your #1 Priority!
Am I living my priorities or someone else’s?
3. You Can’t Make Enough Profit!
Ten Tips To Peak Your Profits
4. “Must DO” Or Die!
Top 10
5. Get Results Or “You’re Fired!”
Have you ever waited too long before you made a change?
6. Fire Your Dad?
Aren’t family businesses fun?
7. Nine Necessary Numbers You Need To Know!
‘How much profit do you make?’
8. Marketing Musts To Make More Money!
Marketing strategies to convert customers from potential to repeat to loyal.
9. I Can’t Find Any Accountable Or Responsible People!
You can’t do it all yourself!
10. 8 Must Meetings To Make Your Business Work!
Why do most people feel meetings are a waste of time?
11. Pro-Active Field ‘Must Do’ Systems!
Is it Your Job to fix everyone else's screw-ups?
12. Buy Real Estate Before Your Next Truck!
Think about your priorities and the purpose for your company
The Winning Ways To Build Your Business Series
115. Fill The Seats Or Go Broke!
Grow Your Business With A Wining Marketing Plan
116. Hire The Right Players Now!
How To Find & Keep A Winning Team
117. Draft A Winning Playbook!
How To Write A Winning Strategic Business Plan
118. Sales Is A Numbers Game!
How To Implement A Winning Sales System
119. Bug 'Em 'Til They Buy Or Die!
Winning Ways To Entice Customers To Buy From You
120. Coaches Empower Players To Win!
How To Let Go And Delegate
121. Motivate Players To Perform!
Steps To Motivate Your Workforce
122. Win With Open-Book Management!
Open Your Books To Help Hit Your Goals
122. Don't Win The Game & Lose Your Business!
How Winning Coaches Call Winning Plans
122. Sell To Win!
The 7 Step Sales Cycle
122. Winning Bonus & Incentive Programs!
How To Design A Bonus Program That Works
122. Win Beyond 2010!
How To Build A Beyond 2010 Business
56. Blueprint For Business Success!
Grow Equity & Build Wealth
62. Entrepreneurial Excellence 1 - Build An ‘On-Purpose…On-Target’ Business!
I want my business to give me what I want!
63. Entrepreneurial Excellence 2 - Build A Profitable Business!
21 Profit-Building Steps To Success
64. Entrepreneurial Excellence 3 - Replace Yourself With Systems!
Perfect systems produce perfect results
65. Entrepreneurial Excellence 4 - Install Financial Systems & Controls!
Install financial systems and professional accounting management
66. Entrepreneurial Excellence 5 - Accurate Estimating Systems Are Accurate!
Calculating accurate costs are necessary to make a profit
67. Entrepreneurial Excellence 6 - Field Operational Systems
Standardized field procedures and systems will improve your bottom-line
68. Entrepreneurial Excellence 7 - Pro Active Project Management Systems
Get your project managers to do business the same way
69. Entrepreneurial Excellence 8: Marketing & Sales Systems!
Are you the same as your competition?
70. Entrepreneurial Excellence - Step 9: People Success & Training System!
Hire slow and fire fast
71. Entrepreneurial Excellence Step 10: Leadership Systems!
The Buck Stops Here!
72. Entrepreneurial Excellence 11: Grow Equity & Build Wealth!
Build a wealth building machine!
73. Entrepreneurial Excellence 12: Enjoy The Benefits Of Business Ownership!
Do the right things!
2. Building A Beyond 2000 Business
Setting your goals and hitting your targets for the future
5. Be Huge!
What are you doing to make big things happen?
13. Don't Just Survive. Thrive!
10.5 Things You Must Do Now
17. Play Business Like Golf
Set clear targets and keep score to get the results you want
23. Got Profit? Get Profit Driven!
How to make maximizing profits your top priority
26. Aim at Nothing & Hit It Every Time!
Simple steps to setting goals and getting results
28. stay small OR Be HUGE!
Your business future starts with an attitude of thinking big
30. Flat Times Are Here To Stay!
Don’t wait for the economy to turn around, do these 9 things now
37. Shoot At Something!
How to set clear targets that get results
40. Exciting Vision = Results!
How to get your people excited about getting results
41. Got Profit! Get Profit Driven!
How To Focus On Making More Money
42. 7 Steps To Business Failure
Learn from the mistakes of others to build a great company
44. Work Less & Do More!
Learn how down time can improve your performance
47. You Can’t Do It All Yourself!
Replace Yourself With Systems
53. Always Make A Profit!
Companies that have specific strategic plans and goals make more profit
55. You Can’t Get Rich With Your Head In A Ditch!
Most business owners work too hard to make any money
60. It’s New Years Resolution Time!
Now is the time to change your business or personal life for the better
74. Live More, Give More, Get More!
Prioritize Your Life To Get What You Want
113. Is Your Company Stuck In The Muck?
5 Steps To Get Your Business Moving
114. Don't Wait Until It's Too Late!
10 Things To Do To Overcome A Slowd Economy
10. Let Go To Grow!
Learn how to let go and delegate
14. What Labor Shortage
Making people a priority is key to finding and keeping people
16. Leaders Make Selling a Priority
The key to business success is getting the work
18. Slap Their Backs
How to improve people’s performance using recognition and praise
25. Too Busy Too Train?
Improve your results by starting a regular training program
32. Can You Trust Your People Too Much?
Learn how to let go plus install controls that work
38. Let Go And Watch Them Grow!
"Please handle this and don't tell me what you did!"
40. Exciting Vision = Results!
How to get your people excited about getting results
46. Motivating Your Workforce
Get Your People To Do What You Want Them To Do
51. No Train No Gain!
Install an employee training program to improve productivity
58. No Pain – Just Train!
Invest 2% To Beat Your Competition
61. Can't Find Enough Good Help?
How To Attract The Best Peopl To Work For You
129. The Buck Stops Here
How Leaders Achieve Results
4. Bug 'EM Til They Buy or Die (long version)
Marketing steps to success to get loyal customers to call you
9. Customer Care = Cash!
Show your customers you care to create loyal relationships
11. Quality Doesn’t Matter!
Customers expect more than perfect quality today
12. Sell More Than Price
Follow these proven suggestions to win more profitable work
19. Thanks But No Thanks
Customer appreciation starts with saying thanks often
20. What Slow Down?
Offer more value-added services to get more business
48. Can You Sell More Than Price?
How to get your customers to pay your company more
49. Are Customers Your #1 Priority?
7 Steps To Make Customers Your #1 Priority
52. 7 Ways Subcontractors & Suppliers Can WOW General Contractors
7 Steps to build loyal customer relationships
57. Go Small & Make It Big!
Companies that specialize make more monefy than "Jack of all trades"
134. Date Your Customers To Keep Them Loyal!
6 Steps To Build Loyal Customer Relationships
1. construction@future2change
20 things in the construction industry that will change in the next 10 years
3. 9 Steps To Signing A Successful Construction Contract
Use this basic checklist for reviewing a construction contract
6. How To Get Paid Fast
Guideline and checklists for faster pay on construction contracts
7. How Much Profit Is Enough
Seven step formula to track your construction company profit goals
8. Handshakes Don’t Count!
Notices, documentation, and change orders for specialty contractors
15. Is Your Bid Hit Ratio OK?
How to keep track of your proposals and bids versus contract awards
21. Start Every Project Right
Use a pre-job start-up meeting on your construction projects
22. Win Big at the Project Interview
Seven steps to success when presenting your company
24. Will Owners Pay More
Survey results of construction owners regarding quality and service
27. Low Bid Is Not Enough!
Tips to win more profitable work
29. Keeping Up With Tech?
Survey results of construction company technology
31. Do More To Get More!
Fifty extra things subcontractors and suppliers can do for their customers
33. Have You Noticed Me Lately?
Provide Proper Notice Per Your Construction Contract
34. Are You A Wimp?
How to get your construction change orders signed every time
35. If It's Not In Writing, It Didn't Happen!
How to put your construction change orders in writing
36. Field Change Memos Work!
A simple change order documentation system
43. Is Your Goal To Retire Before You Learn The Computer?
The basic technology tools required for a profitable construction business
45. Submit Better Bids & Get More Work!
Strategies to improve your bid-hit ratio on construction projects
50. Is Your Bid Only An Estimate?
7 point checklist for accurate construction
54. “Start Every Project On-Target”
To achieve project goals you must have clear written targets
59. Negotiate More Contracts
How to win profitable work by negotiating construction contracts