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10 Steps To Finish Your Project On-Time & Under-Budget!

George Hedley, CSP

The Construction Business Builder!

George Hedley is the owner of a successful commercial construction and real estate development company. Over 28 years ago, he founded and built his business from $0 to $50 million dollars in only 7 years!  As recognition, George received the nationally recognized award: ‘Construction Entrepreneur of the Year’ by Ernst & Young and ‘Venture’ magazine. Mr. Hedley’s experience starting, growing & building his business into an organized management run company enables him to show you how to get your business to work. As a general contractor, he has built over 250 projects valued in excess of $500 million, executed over 10,000 subcontracts & currently owns over 50 buildings. As a ‘Certified Professional Speaker’ he will help your organization build people and leaders, create long-time repeat loyal customers, focus on bottom-line priorities, install systems that always make a profit, continuously improve, grow equity, and build wealth. George has served as President of 3 construction industry associations and is the author of ‘Conversations On Leadership’, ‘The Business Success Blueprint’ and ‘Everything Contractors Know About Making A Profit!’


What They Say About This Program:

“Thank you for the outstanding job.  It was obvious that you “captured” the crowd instantly and kept them the entire program.  Your blend of common sense, innovative ideas and humor was appreciated by all in attendance.”

    - Curt Peterson, EVP


  1. Start With A Plan, Target and Goals
    -Get everyone on the same page.
  2. Measure, Monitor, Track & Follow-Up
    -Job cost controls, regular feedback & correction
  3. Procurement & Contracts
    -Award quickly & complete
  4. Scheduling & Monitoring Progress
    -Use the team approach to meet your schedule.
  5. Shop Drawings & Submittals
    -Make getting approvals a priority.
  6. Change Order Management
    -Manage your project per the contract.
  7. Project Meetings
    -Hold regular coordination & project meetings
  8. Project Communication & Controls
    -Pro-active paperwork & timely responses
  9. Jobsite Management
    -Quality, safety, supervision, staging, clean-up
  10. Project & Management Review
    -Regular progress review & analysis

Most project managers, superintendents, and foremen don’t do the things necessary to ensure their projects finish under budget, complete on-time, are safe, and built with perfect quality. Using these 10 proven steps, you can meet your project goals every time. Start with a plan, set clear goals, measure, monitor, track and follow-up. The topics include procurement, contracts, scheduling, monitoring progress, approvals, change orders, project meetings, communications, controls, jobsite management, and project review. Presented by a successful construction company owner and motivating speaker who implemented these ideas and improved his project schedule, quality, and bottom-line by as much as 25%.


Entrepreneur of the Year
Award Winner
National Speakers Association
Certified Speaking Professional

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